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As technology becomes cheaper and more dummy-proof, it’s easy for a contractor to shoot a short video at a jobsite and upload it to his/her website (like the video to the left).  Consumers will naturally feel more comfortable with a contractor they can see in action, however online videos can serve several other purposes.  Continue reading…

Contractor Websites
You might work on some of the most expensive real estate in the world, but nothing is as valuable, per square foot, as your own contracting website’s homepage. You only get one chance to make a good impression and your website is the flagship of your company.  Profits are increased when leads generated by your website are…
Learn how to generate contracting business with your website.

Truck Signs That Sell
Truck signage is the easiest marketing you can do all day without having to lift a finger. It works while you’re working. The secret is… Continue reading…


Contractor Reputation Defense

Online Reputation Defense
Eventually, every contractor will receive a complaint from a client, but it’s not necessarily bad news. Clients who go to the trouble of complaining are usually interested in giving you the chance to make things right and these clients often end up being your construction company’s… Continue reading…

Mission Statements

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”
— Henry Ford

Mission statements are not just for big corporations. Even a one-man construction company should consider adopting one. It doesn’t have to be very long or fancy. Here is a sample Mission Statement.

A Contractor’s Guide to
Writing Press Releases
Since press releases are considered soft marketing, press releases are more likely to be widely distributed by the recipients while having the same impact as paid advertising. They can be emailed to business contacts to help spread the word, as well as improve search-engine optimization—a huge advantage of having a contractor’s press releases searchable online. Here are some good uses of press releases.

A Trophy Office/Shop
Certain contractors cater to wealthy clients in posh areas that require impressive offices. An upscale office space can be used to attract affluent clients who are most likely able to afford… Continue reading…

The Right Truck
Reliable, respectable transportation is essential for the contractor and can double as a mobile office. A new truck is… Continue reading…

E-Newsletters That Promote
Your Construction Company
Newsletters are a great way for contractors to improve client retention. Similar to website videos, the purpose… Continue reading…

Charging for Estimates
Some contractors are hesitant about charging for estimates, and some consumers are equally hesitant about paying for them. If you’re getting too many requests for estimates that aren’t converting into sales, it may… Continue reading…

Bad Brochures Un-Sell
You only get one chance to make a good first impression. A key part of successful marketing is your brochure, and many consumers will decide whether or not to call you based on it. Your brochure—not you—defines your image. You might get only one shot, so make it a good one. The purpose of a contractor’s brochure is to:

  • generate sales leads;
  • justify higher prices; and
  • sell additional services.

In short, a brochure’s goal is to sell more contracting services to more people, more often, for more money.
What is the message you want to convey? Continue reading…

Meeting a Customer
for the First Time
Should a contractor be judged by what s/he wears? We all like to think that people judge us solely on our merits. But the reality is that strangers try to stereotype us quickly. A contractor’s core product is him/herself, and the product should be packaged professionally. Click here for some tips…


Marketing for Contractors.


Job Completion Advice
Just because their final check has cleared doesn’t mean that your opportunity to market your services to them is over. There are some simple yet highly effective things you can do as you near the end of a project to generate future sales leads… Continue reading…

Advertising Mistakes
Every Contractor Makes
An effective ad should deliver a compelling message that causes the reader to call you. Don’t un-sell your services with a message that harms your construction company by revealing… Continue reading…

Search-Engine Optimization
Get your construction company’s website on the first page of Google searches. Click here for some simple SEO tips you can use today.

Website Domain Defense
Your brand—which includes your business name, logo, and other identifying features—should be well-guarded. It’s unique. It’s an extension of your physical business and services. And it’s likely to be the first and perhaps only advertising about you that your prospective clients will see. The Internet presents almost overwhelming challenges to policing one’s commercial identity both online and off, so part of your regular marketing duties must include regular reviews of your competitor’s websites to see if they are … Continue reading…


Asset Protection for Contractors

Asset Protection
for Contractors
How should your contracting company structured? The answer will have long-term implications on asset protection. Contractors need to take steps now to protect what they have… Continue reading…

Marketing on the Jobsite
Mail this sample letter to prospects living within a small radius of your jobsite to generate more leads for your construction company. It’s not difficult to find the mailing addresses of these potential customers and these are leads that should…
Click here for 12 tips to land more jobs while on a construction project.

Get in Your Prospect’s Face
Want to get your message in front of hundreds of potential construction clients, every morning? Here is an inexpensive way to create repeated impressions that promote your construction… Continue reading…


Contractor trade show booth.

Profitable Home Shows
Contractors who find themselves between projects should consider manning a booth at a trade show. Homeowners who attend home and garden shows are more likely to be… Continue reading…

Converting Calls into Sales
Ring, ring, ring. What happens next determines a contractor’s success. It costs a lot to get your phone to ring, so this link in your sales chain has to be as strong as any other in your… Continue reading…

Buy or Lease Equipment?
Contractors who are in the market for heavy equipment or other high-ticket capital purchases for their expanding businesses would do well to finance such acquisitions using a… Continue reading…

Client Communication
Never let your client think you’ve forgotten about them. They’re paying for your time, so treat their interest in your progress respectfully. If your clients are on site while you’re working, occasionally let them know how the project is going. Here are some essential phrases you can use.

Logos and Taglines
Good design is about quick and clear communication. There’s a science behind how people judge beauty, which can be applied to how information is visually organized. This information can be used to a contractor’s benefit or detriment. Especially in… Continue reading…

Websites For Contractors
Is your website just sitting there? Let us build you a website that sells.
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