Marketing, Lead Generation, and Business Success for Contractors 

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Your Message in Your Prospect’s Face, Every Morning

Contractor Marketing Idea

Get your message in front of your prospects.

Offer to provide all the hot cup sleeves your local coffee shop can use.   You can buy these for pennies apiece.  Have them printed to say something along the lines of:

This cup sleeve is brought to you by ABC Contracting
Hoboken’s Premier Contractor

These sleeves act just like a business card, so don’t forget to include your business name, logo, phone number, website address, and list of services you offer (if there’s room).  Get your company right in the face of prospects every morning.  The best part of this low-cost marketing piece is that someone else is handing them out for you.  Talk about repeat impressions!

TIP: Read this article on Common Print Ad Mistakes Every Contractor Makes.

Note:  Most of these sleeves are made of compostable cardboard.  So, while you’re having them printed anyway, you might as well tout that they are “biodegradable” or made from “75% post-consumer waste,” or whatever applies.  Remember that being green sells.

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Contractor Marketing

CONQUER - Marketing and Business Success for Contractors

Marketing is often seen as a chore—‘the work that you have to do when you’re not working’—and the less-than-enthusiastic result barely goes beyond a sign on the truck, a box of business cards, and a list of contacts. But our success depends on marketing not just our services, but also ourselves. Our credibility is our true calling card, and it’s important to get our reputation out there so that it’s as obvious as that sign on the truck. It’s our first and most important marketing tool because without it, we are nothing.

The good news is: Just as there are logical ways to execute a construction project, there are equally logical and common-sense marketing tips and techniques that will put us on a trajectory to a greater level of achievement and expectation in our contracting businesses. We have to approach marketing as deliberately as we do our training, education, and even our construction projects themselves. Pinning our hopes on random jobs each day is no way to build a business. And for as many contractors as may populate the town we live in, we’re not so much in competition with them (or each other) as with our own limitations. Our unwillingness to market ourselves is an unacceptable obstacle that puts a fatal limit on what we can become. Overcome that obstacle, and the competition won’t matter.

These success tips are the culmination of years of training, education, experimentation, argument, failure, and breakthrough—all the building blocks of success. In them, you’ll find dozens of straightforward strategies that will have you nodding, perhaps disbelieving, but, ultimately, becoming seriously motivated—perhaps for the first time in a long time—to move up to the next level in your career as a contractor.

Author: Nick Gromicko

Contractor Marketing

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